Vacuum Tray Dryer

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Vacuum Tray Dryer

Vacuum Tray Dryer (VTD) is suitable for drying of thermally sensitive materials easily resolved, polymerized, or deteriorated under higher temperature widely used in Herbal Extraction Plants and Pharmaceutical Plants.Sterilization can be conducted before the drying process, during which no matter is allowed to enter the product.Ravi EngineeringWorks manufactures the most qualitative Vacuum Tray Dryer that is well known for its high quality and efficiency levels. This gamut of products is in high demand in the market for heating and drying up of various items involved in the manufacturing processes of several industries.

Inside the vacuum dryer materials to be dried are kept on the trays and pressure reduces through the vacuum pump. The dryer door is tightly shut and between trays and jacket steam passes through space so that the heat transfer occurs by conduction.


  • 1. Light and sight glass provided for checking the process of the material.

  • 2. Temperature gauge and vacuum gauge are provided for monitoring.

  • 3. Modified lock hinge for better grip and easily sealed the chamber.

  • 4. Gasket provided in the door for reducing the chances of leakage.

  • 5. Lower Drying Temperature..

  • 6. Due to the Large Surface Area, faster drying takes place.

  • 7. Dries Large Moisture as compared to Normal Dryers.

  • 8. Consume less power than other traditional drying technologies.